WHPA 2018 and Beyond

ABOUT WHPA 2018 - Present

The Western HVAC Performance Alliance Inc. (WHPA) is a California Public Benefit Nonprofit Corporation operating as a tax exempt 501(c)3 public charity, drawing funds from a broad base of income sources to pay for stakeholder engagement, research/work product development, and education promotion. As a neutral voice for the HVACR industry, this allows WHPA to be better focused than ever on ALL marketplace stakeholders.

Our Purpose (per California Articles of Incorporation)

WHPA as an unincorporated entity launched in 2009 in response to the portion of the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan (CEESP) that reads: "An HVACR Advisory Group should be chartered to involve high-level HVACR industry stakeholders—such as manufacturers, distributors, and contractors—to coordinate industry sponsorship of and participation in HVACR strategies. Membership should also include other key players, such as the CPUC, Energy Commission, utilities, building owners/managers, consumers, and the Federal government."

In 2018, WHPA was founded as a nonprofit for the purpose of “providing, conducting and promoting research and education focused on energy efficiency, environmental quality, and sustainability” through the Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) lens.

Our Vision

Western HVAC Performance Alliance Inc. (WHPA) is an organization that will serve as a credible, reliable, significant, and effective resource for a broad-based community of HVACR stakeholders who have joined forces to transform the marketplace focused on the energy efficiency, environmental quality, and sustainability goals of California. Through stakeholder collaboration a united HVACR industry has the power to impact the present and the future.

Our Mission

Western HVAC Performance Alliance Inc. (WHPA) will work as a guiding light for California stakeholders to educate and inform present and future HVACR energy efficiency initiatives to benefit consumers. The organization will facilitate communication and action among a wide set of market actors through workforce education & training, emerging technologies, and industry-vetted HVACR strategies and programs.

Our Primary Target Areas

For 2018 and beyond, the governing Board of Directors established WHPA goals and strategies focused on eight (8) target areas as specified below. The presented list does not reflect order of importance as survey input as well as HVACR landscape changes are factored into the prioritization process and development of measurable, realistic, and timely work product development goals and implementation plans for strategy achievement each year. Those outcomes serve to educate the public at large.

  • HVACR Community Engagement
  • Energy Efficiency (EE) & Demand Response (DR)
  • Consumer Outreach
  • Emerging Technology
  • HVACR Industry
  • Public Policy
  • Workforce Education & Training (WE&T)
  • Code and Standards

WHPA's research library of past work products is representative of the immense institutional knowledge and influence the WHPA has to offer.

WHPA membership is available to organizations in the following primary voting categories: (1) Direct Supply Chain/Market Actor/End User, (2) Industry/Consumer Organizations, (3) Local/State/Federal Government Agencies, and (4) Energy Providers/Program Administrators, as well as to individuals in the nonvoting Associate category.

CLICK HERE to Download WHPA’s Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Target Areas

For more information, email info@whpa-inc.org or call 951-244-6400.